The Central Bank of Brazil has authorised lottery payments through the instant payment system Pix. The initiative, which has already come into force, sets the inclusion of lottery accounts in the list of authorised businesses in the payment system.

The Central Bank said in a statement: “From now on, whenever the clients want to pay for a lottery game, they will have the opportunity to select Pix as a payment option for Sena games, sports lottery (sports betting) and other games.

“This satisfies the market demand, which called for the integration of lottery companies in Pix, as licensees of Caixa Econômica Federal.”

Also, the entity highlighted the new features of Pix, especially its multiple payment options, adding: “This means that it can accommodate all types of retail transactions, including clients, businesses and the government.

“The Central Bank recently approved the extension of Pix so it is also available to collect the Severance Fund (FGTS) and for the institutions’ accounts.”

The monetary authority also waived the fines of Pix’s member institutions for six months due to the adjustments on the platform.

“Even though Pix is fully functional, some adjustments may be necessary to improve the user experience. As these adjustments are normal for a system of such magnitude and as complex as Pix, it’s possible that certain notes are not established as infractions,” the statement said.

The exemption will be in force until May 15, 2021, “as long as the institution takes the necessary steps to avoid the recurrence of the infraction.” Furthermore, “the repetition of these infractions will be subject to sanctions according to Pix’s regulations and manuals.”